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How to avoid not-getting-paid situations

2017-09-28 | ALL, Guide | No Comments

How to avoid not-getting-paid situations

It happened to all of us. It does not matter if you are a freelancer or running a small business. We all have come in a situation to face clients that are not paying or being late with payments. In order to run a successful business and protect your cash flow if you are a […]


When starting an online business there are several key elements involving your website that you must do and have. From a well-made website, good design, readable content to excellent SEO. So today we are sharing with you several easy things you can do while setting up your basic SEO when launching your website for your […]

SMALL BUSINESS GUIDE: Create an accurate invoice

How you create your invoices and what kind of content they have on them, can say a lot about you as a professional. That is why when drafting your invoices you need to think about the accurate content you put it, the design and the professional attitude behind them. Here are our tips on what […]

Invoicing: Do it Yourself or Hire a Professional?

Many small business owners struggle when it comes to bookkeeping, accounting or invoicing. Some decide not to use the services of professionals and others tend to pay accounts at the moment they launch their business. There are situations when business owners decide they will use professional accounting or invoicing only part time like when they […]

If you start researching you can see that most companies have leaders that have strong operational that are needed to maintain perfect organization and productivity in each team. Which of course is crucial when running a business. The lack of employees with know-how, experience, and confidence can bring down your business and cause problems that […]

Envoice now works with Stripe #workswithstripe

Tailoring new features, expanding and improving the Enovice experience to our current and future users and firmly working on developing new partnerships are our team’s primary goals. And we are celebrating every small or big step towards achieving those goals. That is why we are excited to share with you the news that recently we […]

5 most important points every PayPal account holder should know

If you are a freelancer or a small business owner and you have a PayPal account, there is at least one example where you found yourself struggling with PayPal plans, fees, TOS, different account types etc. FREE E-Book: 3 Important Things To Know About Calculating PayPal, Payoneer and Stripe Fees >>>>>> Download >>>>>   If you […]