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Another week, another few hours spent putting together invoices, calculating hours, keeping records, and mailing said invoices out.

But what if instead of having to punch in every address and micro-manage each invoice at every turn, you could fill out your invoices with just a few clicks?

With the help of free invoicing software for small business online invoicing has never been easier.

So without further ado, here are 11 reasons why Envoice invoicing software is a powerful resource to have in your company’s arsenal.

1. Get Paid Faster

It goes without saying that getting paid on time is the key to maintaining a healthy cash flow. The sooner you get paid, the sooner you can put those dollars to use for business.

With cloud-based invoicing software, you don’t have to keep re-entering information every time you create an invoice. You can simply make a few clicks and create an invoice and email in under 2 minutes. When invoices start to number in the dozens to hundreds per month, that’s an adjustment you won’t regret making.

Furthermore, our software also allows you to integrate with online payment gateways such as Paypal, Stripe, Square, Payoneer (and more) and also supports multiple currencies. This in turn allows clients to make payments with a single click.

Receiving payments doesn’t get any more straightforward than that.

2. Automated Payment Reminders

In business, it’s not unusual for things to suddenly become chaotic. There’s always a deal that needs to be closed or a product that should’ve been shipped out yesterday.

As such, it’s not unusual for clients to receive an invoice but forget to pay.

However, here’s the thing about unpaid invoices: closed mouths don’t get fed. Without a system for following up on overdue and unpaid invoices, it’s difficult for a business to survive.

The software is all the reminder you need. If an invoice is overdue automated email reminders will be sent directly to the client so you don’t have to. No more written agendas, hunting for calendars, or anything else!

3. Easy Access

Imagine submitting work and having the client email you a couple days later to say that they’ve approved the work and to send the invoice.

It’s just too bad that the paper invoice is back at the office while you’re on the other side of the country attending a conference.

Cloud-based invoice processing software means that you have access to all of your invoicing information as long as you have Internet. It’s a business tool that lets you respond to that client’s email with the words “Sure thing”.

4. Professional Looking Custom Invoices

Just because you’ve completed the work, that doesn’t mean that you have no more opportunities for professional branding.

When a client sees your invoice, you want them to pause for a moment, take a breath, and say, “That’s a nice invoice.”

With Word and Excel, professional-looking invoices require a lot time, effort, and tweaking.

Using our software, those stunning, visually-impressive invoices can be done and completed with just a couple of clicks.

5. Regular Backups and Encryption

Nobody goes into business expecting to be in a dire emergency situation, but unfortunately there are some things that even the best insurance can’t replace. This is especially true for client contacts and information.

Our online billing offers you data backup and protection. We use advanced digital safeguards such as SSL encryption to keep your information safe as well as regular backups to further protect your data.

In other words, even if the physical office were to go up in flames tomorrow, our software would allow you to keep going without missing a beat.

6. Reduce Administrative Errors and Costs

When you’re entering details into your invoices manually, even the fastest and the most efficient person can make mistakes.

In addition, there’s also further potential for error during processing on tasks like noting whether the invoice is paid or unpaid or if payment was made offline.

The beauty of cloud-based invoicing software is that it inputs customer information automatically while giving you tools to manage invoice creation and processing.

With the software filling in a lot of the blanks and overseeing the details, you can bring the number of administrative invoice errors to zero.

7. Reports 

Although in-depth, detailed invoicing can be useful, sometimes you need to see the big picture. For instance, you’re making market projections or you want to know the inventory levels at a glance.

With a manual invoicing system or with template invoices, this type of information can be compiled but it takes you tons of time and effort to put together basic reports.

Envoice’s invoice software solution makes it easier for businesses to accumulate this data without any hassle.

8. Be More Organized

Running a business can be stressful in the best of times. You’re juggling clients, you’re dealing with employees, you’ve got meetings and deadlines coming up. Keeping invoices and expenses organized isn’t easy.

Cloud-based invoicing software lets you organize your data the way you like it. If you have to present the information differently or compile it for the purposes of a report, Envoicer’s software allows you to accomplish that with ease.

9. Settings and Features Customized To Your Business Needs

Although it seems like common sense, a lot of businesses fail to fully maximize new software simply because the technology hasn’t been tailored to suit their specific work flow.

In other words, the software’s lack of flexibility hurts productivity more than it helps.

Our invoicing software uses numerous tools to make your life easier by allowing you to customize details like expense details or attachments without making dramatic changes to your regular routine.

10. Eco-friendly 

One of the advantages of online solutions is that they’re environmentally-friendly and cost-effective while taking up less of your office space.

In any given year, how much paper do you use printing, filling out, and replacing invoices?

At the moment, scanning, emailing, and laying the general administrative groundwork for preparing invoices doesn’t seem like much. However, over longer periods of time, the resources spent on this do add up.

And as we always say in business, time is money.

Cloud-based software saves money, uses less paper, and helps out the environment all at once.

11. Save Time

As necessary as it is, preparing and submitting invoices is incredibly time-consuming work.

You have to find and verify client information, make calculations, print off copies, and, in some cases, prepare the invoice for mailing. Over the course of an entire fiscal year, it’s easy to spend the equivalent of several full work days on invoices.

How would your outlook change if you could spend those hours not processing invoices?

Would you ramp up your marketing efforts? How much faster could you finish up your products?

Our invoicing software is able to save, produce, and all but automate your invoices.


Invoicing and billing is an essential part of running a business but preparing and processing can be tricky.

We pride ourselves on providing invoicing software for small business owners.

We understand how difficult it is to grow and expand and we believe that individuals and business owners deserve to have access to the community at large.

With our invoicing software for small business online invoicing online billing and online backup data are all available for small businesses with no strings attached.

Sign up with us at Envoice today.


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