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I remember back in the days when we were starting up, we thought that the most important skills that we are ever going to need are the skills that we are going to sell to our clients – and we couldn’t be more wrong about it.

As software developers, we thought that what would matter most will be to deliver a solution which we are going to be proud of. Quality, good experience, high customer satisfaction were the values that we constantly strived to achieve.

Besides our services, we should work together with our clients to help them to recognize our core values. This is part of building our brand and the effect on how others perceive us.

First things first, as freelancers we have to discover the answers to the questions:

  • What we do believe in?
  • When working with a client what is important for us?
  • How do we define a job well done?
  • Why we are doing what we are doing?

Once we discover the answers to these questions we will discover a path which we can work on. We will put all of our effort to build a brand of ourselves on how others are going to perceive us.

As it has been said, the picture is worth 1000 words. It is easier for us, humans to remember a picture rather than words. This is where our personal logo comes into place. It will help our clients, leads, friends to memorize us, our work and what we stand for.

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