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Invoice number

The first question we’ve had when we were about to create our first invoice was:

Hey, what number should I use on the invoice?


We’ve read the local finance regulations, discussed with the accountant, looked on the internet and eventually it turned out to be really simple.

Any increasing sequence would work.

Some example that would work for you:

  • INV-0000X
  • INV-0000X/YY
  • INV-0000X/YY

Due date

Once you figure out the sequence, eventually you will want to document until when this invoice should be paid. Due by should be set to the appropriate agreed between you and your client, date.

The sooner the better, but if you are not sure to feel free to use Net D approach:

  • Net 10;
  • Net 15;
  • Net 30;
  • Net 60;

This means that your invoice should be paid after 10, 15, 30 or 60 days respectively.

Issue date

This date represents when the invoice has been issued to the client. Usually, it represents the same date when the invoice will be created and send to the client. In case you need to create an invoice in the past or the future you can always change the issue date to whatever date it suits you.

P.O Number

When you will be working with FORTUNE 1000 companies, you will find the Purchase Order Number useful. Most of the big companies out there will need to authorize the purchase transaction.

As such you will receive unique purchase order number which you will use on your invoice. Your enterprise clients can then connect with their unique P.O number in order for you to get paid.

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