As a freelancer, who has worked both from home and various public places, I welcomed the new trend of co-working very enthusiastically. Because finally, there is an innovative alternative to traditional office spaces which allows people to thrive professionally and personally in a collaborative work environment.

Co-working as a working style means a whole lot of people, from different companies and industries under one roof. This also means sharing office space. Conference rooms. Break rooms. And everything that a co-working space offers to its members. What is probably the greatest thing about this whole concept is the chance to network with all these people. Build a personal network of connections. And create business partnerships, with the possibility of expanding your business and client list.

While in my experience working in a co-working space can provide numerous benefits, being around other people in such vibrant, energetic, and buzzing space has impacted a lot on my productivity. In most cases, people using co-working spaces can be seen as more passionate about their work from one side. And want to be productive and time efficient on the other side.

So, here are a few tips from my experience, that can be beneficial for you and can boost your productivity:

  1. Be self-disciplined – Keep yourself accountable.  It is very easy to get distracted in a social environment like a co–working space, so writing down tasks and completing them is a good foundation for a productive habit;
  2. Take a break – It is very important, in order to keep yourself focused, to take regular breaks. A break doesn’t necessarily mean running a personal errand. It can simply be getting up and stretch or move around for a couple of minutes;
  3. Be engaged – Engaging oneself means to be productive to your work or your team. Otherwise, it is just a waste of time. Personal time tracking can be crucial in maintaining productivity. You can use Toggle as one of the most intuitive time trackers. RescueTime app has proven to be very helpful in providing insight on my time management, as it runs in the background and tracks time spent on apps and websites, and delivers detailed reports on time spent on replying emails or browsing social media;
  4. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail – Having a general plan for the day or week gives you a direction and structure. This keeps you on the right track and reminds you of what was done and what was not.
  5. Good work rewards – After completing a task or achieving a milestone, reward yourself for the good work. This makes the work easier and encourages hard work. Pick your own rewards;
  6. Defeat Procrastination – Large projects can be broken down into smaller chunks and set smaller tasks, so that you don’t get distracted by the environment, trying to avoid doing what has to be done;
  7. Be tech sassy – Use technology to your advantage, by synchronizing emails, events, calendars. Use websites that store all your documents and data in a cloud. Digitalize everything to avoid cluttering your workspace with paper. This will not only save time but boost your productivity too;

Besides all this, maybe the most important thing is taking care of yourself. Being surrounded by highly passionate and business driven people can be motivating and at the same time can easily make you a workaholic. Getting your beauty sleep will only make you more focused and productive the next day. Lack of sleep, on the other hand, contributes to concentration issues and negative attitude in general.

Working in a co-working space takes some getting used to. But the whole concept and experience can be very rewarding. So, all you need to do is to find the right balance between being social and private.

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