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Invoicing management can often be a one-person job in small businesses. But in most cases its a job done by several people including the CEOs, managers, sales team, and accounting. That way this complex job can be delegated to several people who can finish it efficiently.

We are excited to introduce to your our new feature – Team Collaboration 

By adding this new feature we are opening all Envoice invoicing features not only for one person but to all your colleges who can use it with only one general registration.

That way the whole team can:

  • work together on creating, editing and sending invoices
  • create reports,
  • change payment gateways,
  • receive email notifications and automatic reminders and much more.


Team Collaboration is one of the series features we added last month to improve the overall Envoice experience to all of you. Let us know your thoughts and feedback below.

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