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As freelancers, it is expected to care most about finding and signing a contract which is going to pay the bills. Speaking of which, freelancers got to the usual routine: register at Upwork, Freelancer or similar job searching sites, find a job and start earning. – most of all beginning of the comfort zone.

We’ve discussed with our friends, who has been freelancing for years, about how they are invoicing their clients and we were surprised by the results.

To sum it up in one response: “Upwork/Freelancers/Any similar site handles that for me” – was the common answer.

As a result of their feedback, I decided to write this post. Let’s start…



1. It is all about credibility

First, of all swimming with the sharks requires you to take your correspondence to next level. If you work as a freelancer for a company it is most likely that the company will require your invoice for its accounting to justify their expenses. Therefore having a front face before the client, will tell your clients about your level of professionalism.

2. Easier for your clients to find you

Another fact is that if your clients’ need similar services in the future they can easily compare the prices between different freelancers to compare rates and expenses. – Therefore a decision to hire you again can be easily made.

3. Understand your financial conditions

Keep your friends close but your financial situation closer. You have to understand how much you earn and what type of work is most profitable for you.

Most of all invoicing means asking for payment. Also, it will help you to understand how much you’ve earned, paid and you are due to your customers.

4. Refer to your invoice if it hasn’t being paid

Furthermore, your client can find the invoice by its unique number and check the status.

5. Respect your law

Because of the fact that in some countries, it is illegal to work without invoicing, you can to justify your income.

Your effort to create an invoice will have a positive effect on your brand. Keep your invoicing simple and branded.

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