Stay in the loop with the Action Center

In Envoice we have several ways to inform you about your latest activities regarding your invoices. In case you’ve missed out our emails and SMS messages, you can always return to the action center to find out the latest activities for all of your invoices.

You will be notified of the following events when an invoice has been:

  • Created;
  • Set as draft;
  • Duplicated;
  • Sent to the client via email;
  • Sent to the client via SMS;
  • Sent to you via email;
  • Sent to you via SMS;
  • Opened by the client;
  • Viewed by the client;
  • Rejected by your client;
  • Updated;
  • Marked by you or paid by your client;
  • Marked as unpaid by you;
  • Marked as overdue;
  • Paid on PayPal;
  • Paid on Stripe;
  • Sent to your accountant;
  • Downloaded as PDF by your client;

If you’ve already got exhausted from reading the list, don’t worry you will learn them on the way. You just need to focus on your business and let us do the rest.

About Marjan Nikolovski

Leader, engineer and father. Passionate for building teams, knowledge sharing and product development. Marjan Nikolovski is founder and CEO of Emit Knowledge and Envoice.

He is actively involved in tech, open source and start up communities as a speaker and contributor.

Marjan Nikolovski
CEO & Founder of Envoice and Emit Knowledge