Save time with duplicated invoices

If you ever tried to maintain your invoices manually in Word, you have definitively tried to copy-paste your previous invoices from your long-term client, creating duplicated invoices. We used to do that as well.

With this approach, there is one downside… – We can easily end up sending an invoice some incorrect information it:

  • Wrong Invoice Number;
  • Wrong Issue Date;
  • Wrong Due date;
  • Wrong P.O number;
  • Wrong Price;

Having an app to cross-validate this for you can be very helpful. In Envoice we take an existing invoice and prepare all of this information for you. It is easy as Duplicate -> Send.

About Marjan Nikolovski

Leader, engineer and father. Passionate for building teams, knowledge sharing and product development. Marjan Nikolovski is founder and CEO of Emit Knowledge and Envoice.

He is actively involved in tech, open source and start up communities as a speaker and contributor.

Marjan Nikolovski
CEO & Founder of Envoice and Emit Knowledge