Stay in the loop with the Action Center

Stay in the loop with all your invoice activities with the Action Center

In Envoice we have several ways to inform you about your latest activities regarding your invoices. In case you’ve missed out our emails and SMS messages, you can always return to the action center to find out the latest activities … Read More

Rule number 1 to have a flawless collaboration with your accountants

Rule number 1 to have a flawless collaboration with your accountants

Accountants are one of the most important professionals you will want to have on your side. They are the ones who handle your finances, calculate your taxes and creating financial cards. Or in other words taking care of your numbers … Read More

Save time with duplicated invoices

Save time with duplicated invoices for long-term clients

If you ever tried to maintain your invoices manually in Word, you have definitively tried to copy-paste your previous invoices from your long-term client, creating duplicated invoices. We used to do that as well. With this approach, there is one … Read More


Invoice status and why you should care about it

In the past, we’ve used to create our invoices in Word and manage them in Excel. It was quite a big challenge to have everything up to date. Since this required us to manually update our Excel file in order … Read More


Creating invoices – terms and notes

  Terms Invoice terms are your request until when you would like your invoice to be paid. As we’ve discussed in the previous post there is a different type of agreements related to the payment:   Net monthly account Payment … Read More


Creating invoices – invoice items

In this section of the invoice, we want to explain to the customer what they are going to pay us for. If we agreed to work with our client on an hourly basis, in that case under quantity we will … Read More

Creating invoices – what is the basic client information you need?

Before creating an invoice for your client, he will need to provide you with the following information: Name (can be the name of the individual or the name of the company); Email address; Business address or address of residence; Country … Read More

Creating invoices – your information?

Your details on the invoices should provide answers to the customer on the following questions: Who is the person I am going to send the money to? How can I get in touch with this person? What are the bank … Read More


Creating your first invoice – what basic info do you need?

Invoice number The first question we’ve had when we were about to create our first invoice was: Hey, what number should I use on the invoice?   We’ve read the local finance regulations, discussed with the accountant, looked on the … Read More


How important is a logo for your brand?

I remember back in the days when we were starting up, we thought that the most important skills that we are ever going to need are the skills that we are going to sell to our clients – and we … Read More