Envoice now works with Square #workswithsquare

Envoice now works with Square #workswithsquare

Tailoring new features, expanding and improving the Enovice experience to our current and future users and firmly working on developing new partnerships are our team’s primary goals. And we are celebrating every small or big step towards achieving those goals. … Read More


Client view – let your clients access your issued invoices

With this release, we are pushing another great functionality per your request – The Client View. As a result, your clients will be able to access all of the invoices issued to them. So rather going back and forth with … Read More


Getting started with Payoneer and Envoice – Learn how to get paid in less than a minute

Running a business is one great personal challenge. You have to plan your time wisely to be effective and productive in the available time. With limited resources, this means that you need to focus more on delivering to your clients … Read More


The ultimate guide to land a freelance gig – End to End

Every year freelancing culture is spreading and more people want to be part of it. People want to have a control over their time, flexibility and money. Also if you’ve listened to the successful examples in your circle, it seems … Read More


5 Reasons to create invoices as a freelancer

As freelancers, it is expected to care most about finding and signing a contract which is going to pay the bills. Speaking of which, freelancers got to the usual routine: register at Upwork, Freelancer or similar job searching sites, find … Read More

Find your most financially lucrative freelance services

Find your most financially lucrative freelance services

As freelance professionals, we are best at a limited number of freelance services we are offering. As such we should focus on what we do best. And what is most financially lucrative for us. The question to be asked is … Read More

How to handle customers who won’t pay

How to handle customers who won’t pay

If you’ve ever found yourself in such situation with your customers. Don’t worry there are several things you can try to get paid. Offer your customers to pay their due in several payments; For the hard nuts – call them … Read More

How to increase your earnings from less paying customers

How to increase your earnings from less paying customers

We all have had some less paying customers who just wanted a small portion of work to be done. A fix here and there.  Some color changes, small copy changes on the landing page. Those gigs can have a hidden … Read More

7 ways to thank your top customers

7 ways to thank and keep good relations with your top customers

As successful freelancers, we have to maintain good relations with our top customers. This will help us to bring our relation to the next level and to improve our collaboration. There are many ways to say thank you. Write a … Read More


Educate yourself and prosper – Collections

As professionals we believe that we need to educate ourselves daily and each time to learn something new. Expanding our knowledge will help us to become better and more efficient at our work. Becoming a better professional is our duty. In … Read More