7 ways to thank your top customers

As successful freelancers, we have to maintain good relations with our top customers. This will help us to bring our relation to the next level and to improve our collaboration.

There are many ways to say thank you.

Write a thank you note;

  • Invite your customers over for a dinner;
  • Send them a gift – People do like books;
  • Praise them on your social media channels;
  • Send them a treat;
  • Give them a discount;
  • Send them a swag;

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About Marjan Nikolovski

Leader, engineer and father. Passionate for building teams, knowledge sharing and product development. Marjan Nikolovski is founder and CEO of Emit Knowledge and Envoice.

He is actively involved in tech, open source and start up communities as a speaker and contributor.

Marjan Nikolovski
CEO & Founder of Envoice and Emit Knowledge